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 KERNOWLAND is a magical Kingdom in ERTHWURLD created by author and school visitor Jack Trelawny and published by Campion Books

Book 1
Kernowland 1 The Crystal Pool
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Book 2
Kernowland Darkness Day
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Book 3
Kernowland Invasion of Evil
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Book 4
Pigleg's Revenge
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Book 5
Kernowland Slavechildren
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Book 6
Kernowland Colosseum of Dread
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The Crystal Pool
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Cornwall Map

A modern classic!
Jack Trelawny presented his book to my sons school. The story and interactive introduction inspired both my children to request signed copies. My eldest told me exactly where to go and at what time! Considering he has problems with his memory, this is no mean feat! I might also add that he is a reluctant reader and very few books capture his attention. 

  My 7 year old ASD child who cant read was also taken by the book and even though he usually throws books away in frustration, he really treasures this one. 
  I have read this book with my children and its brilliant. Not just the story which is an adventure set in Cornwall but the text, the layout of the book, the colour of the pages and the length of each chapter. These points may not seem important to some but those parents who have reluctant readers or those with dyslexia, irlen syndrome, ASD etc will appreciate how important these are. 
  If you want to buy a child a gift then make it this one!
   Note the author: Thank you!
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Great Books!
My son won this book in a raffle and was absorbed from the first chapter! He then progressed to haranguing the local bookshop for the second and third books!
  They can be somewhat bloodthirsty, but this does not seem to bother children (in the tradition of Grimm etc!), and there are many good touches that make them think - the slave boat going to "Acirfa" for instance. When he worked out this was Africa, he then started looking for all the other anagrams!
  As we live in Cornwall, he has had fun spotting the place names of places we go and have been to.
Great book for reluctant readers too -  I have recommended to several friends children, who weren't that keen to read, and they have all been engrossed too!
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Kernowland News

31 October 2007

The 'Getting Boys to Read' Book Series

"Discover what children and teachers have been raving about...
The imaginative tales have been welcomed by schools and,
although their appeal is not gender specific,
headteachers have hailed the books as those
to get boys reading."

Community Times

Read the first two chapters of The Crystal Pool below...


Since the publication of the first Kernowland book in September 2005,
author Jack Trelawny has visited schools all over the UK.

Picture: Peter Glaser

Since the launch of, Kernowland 1 The Crystal Pool,

in September 2005,

Jack has now visited over 100 schools around the UK

with his Kernowland 'edutainment' talk and slideshow.


This is a lively, hour-long, session,

in which the children are entertained

at the same time as learning how Jack writes his stories.

 To book a Jack Trelawny event at your school,

(anywhere in the UK), contact:

Jane Bennett, Events Manager,
Campion Books, 2 Lea Valley House,
Stoney Bridge Drive, Waltham Abbey, Essex EN9 3LY
T: 01992 714369
M: 07903 942481


All the books in the Kernowland series can be ordered from any bookseller or obtained on the internet.

The first two chapters of The Crystal Pool are below
and can be printed for class reading.



The Crystal Pool

Jack Trelawny


Campion Books





Are We Nearly There Yet


‘Are we nearly there yet?’ moaned Louis, for the twelfth time.

‘Stop asking that,’ scolded Tizzie, ‘you are nearly eight, you know.’

‘Not long now,’ said Mr Bennett, smiling patiently.

Anastasia Bennett was called ‘Tizzie’for short. She was nearly eleven years old; and her brother, Louis – who always had to tell people how to say his name, ‘Lew-eee’ not ‘Lew-iss’, when he first met them – was seven-and-three-quarters.

The Bennett family were going on holiday in their car.

As they passed over the long bridge that spanned the River Tamar, there was a sign which had two words on it – Cornwall and Kernow.

‘Kernow is the old Cornish language name for Cornwall,’ explained Mr Bennett. ‘We’ll soon be in the town of Newquay, which was once called Towan Blystra.’

My Dad knows everything, thought Tizzie.

‘Yes, and my friend Todd said there are real gnomes in Cornwall,’ enthused Louis. ‘They live in people’s gardens and come alive at night. And there are trolls and sea monsters and little people called “piskies” that only children can see.’

My brother doesn’t know anything, thought Tizzie. ‘Be a good girl and amuse your brother for a while,’ said Mum, handing her daughter a booklet. ‘Here, show him all about The Eden Project. We’re going there tomorrow morning.’

‘Look at these two huge white domes, Louis,’ said Tizzie, pointing at the front page of the booklet.

Louis looked, as Tizzie continued.

‘They’re so big that one has a jungle in it, and the other has a desert.’

Louis was puzzled.

‘How can they have a jungle and a desert in them?’ ‘Because the scientists make it so that the climate is like a real jungle in one dome, and like a desert in the other,’ explained Tizzie.

‘What’s a climate?’ queried Louis.

‘It’s the weather and temperature in a particular place,’ answered Tizzie. ‘It’s warm and wet in the jungle, and hot and dry in the desert.’

Louis gave her one of his confused looks. ‘But where do they get the plants?’ ‘They collect them from all over the world and put them in the big white domes to live,’ said Tizzie. ‘They’ve even brought back carnivorous plants from some places.’

‘What’s carnivorous?’ asked Louis, screwing up his face because he’d never heard that word before.

‘It means “meat-eating”, answered his sister. ‘If you get too close, they’ll eat you, Louis; they like eating little boys.’

‘No way,’ shrugged Louis, pretending not to be bothered. ‘Stop frightening your brother, Tizzie,’ cautioned Mum. ‘You know he has nightmares.’

Tizzie went quiet, reading all about The Eden Project for the rest of the journey.

Louis was quiet too. He was thinking about carnivorous plants, and wondering whether they really could eat people.




Echo Cave


An hour after crossing the Tamar Bridge, the Bennetts arrived at the hotel and parked the car.

When they were unpacked, Mrs Bennett asked them what they wanted to do first.

‘Beach,’ said Tizzie.

‘Beach,’ said Louis.

‘Beach,’ said Dad.

‘Beach it is then,’ said Mum, with a big smile.

Mrs Bennett made sure they had everything ready: the surfboard, the blow-up shark, Louis’ float, the big towels, and the picnic basket.

Then she picked up her little red beach bag, and led the way to the front of the hotel.

On the short walk to the beach, Louis looked at the seagulls, Tizzie listened to the roar of the sea, Dad smelt the fish and chips, and Mum admired the wonderful view over the bay.

When they arrived at the beach, Louis and Tizzie changed into their swimming costumes and asked if they could go exploring before they went in the water.

‘All right, but make sure you can see us all the time,’ warned Dad.

‘Race,’ shouted Tizzie, and set off running towards a big cave with Louis chasing after her. Tizzie was a very good big sister and she slowed down a little so that she and Louis both got to the mouth of the cave at exactly the same time.

For some reason though, Tizzie was hesitant to go any further; she had a strange feeling that something was wrong.

As usual, Louis just went straight in, with neither thought nor feeling to hinder his progress.

‘Come out of there, Louis,’ pleaded Tizzie. ‘Dad said we must be able to see them all the time.’

‘I can see Mum and Dad from in here,’ reported Louis, from atop a pointed rock towards the back of the cave, his words echoing around the walls to his obvious delight. ‘Come in and stand on this rock and you’ll see I’m telling the truth. Or are you scared?’

Despite her own reservations, and although she thought Dad might be cross, Tizzie made herself go into the cave. She was determined not to be called a ‘scaredycat’ by her little brother. He’d definitely go on about it for the whole holiday if she didn’t go in.

On braving the cave, Tizzie saw Louis’ pointed rock, which was covered in seaweed and surrounded by a little pool. Drips of water plopped into the pool from the roof of the cave, making ripples as they splashed.

She put her toe in the water and immediately took it out.‘I can’t do that, it’s freezing,’ she complained.

‘Close your eyes and it doesn’t feel as cold,’ advised Louis. ‘That’s what I did.’

Tizzie didn’t think that closing her eyes would stop the pool being cold, but tried it anyway. She summoned all her courage and stepped into the water. It was just as cold with her eyes closed. She waded five shivering steps to the rock, and Louis stretched out his hand to help her climb up it. 

Tizzie and Louis stood on the big rock surrounded by the icy cold pool.

Pop! Pop!

The seaweed covering the rock popped every time they moved their feet.

‘Hellllowwwww,’ shouted Louis.

‘Hellllowwwww,’ replied the cave.

‘I’m going to call it “Echo Cave”,’ declared Louis.

‘Okay,’ agreed his sister, ‘that’s a good name.’

Inside the cave, it was very dark. They both looked out towards the bright and sunny beach. ‘It’s like looking out of a tunnel,’ said Louis.

‘Yes,’ said Tizzie, ‘and the good thing is, we can still see Mum and Dad.’

Suddenly, they heard a rustling sound from the back of the cave.

Someone, or some thing, was in there with them.



All the books in the Kernowland series can be purchased/ordered from any bookseller or obtained on the internet.

 To book a Jack Trelawny event at your school,

(anywhere in the UK), contact:

Jane Bennett, Events Manager,
Campion Books, 2 Lea Valley House,
Stoney Bridge Drive, Waltham Abbey, Essex EN9 3LY
T: 01992 714369
M: 07903 942481

Reviewed by boy, age 10
This is the first book I read by myself, I loved it and kept wanting to read more. I liked the descriptions of the scenery & the creatures, especially the crabs, I could picture them all in my head. I liked the maps too. The ending was good, I want the other Kernowland books for my birthday.

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Reviewed by girl, age 8
I thought it was a fantastic book and I loved it. I like the fact it has a map and that it is based on real life. My favourite character was Louis because he had lots of different weapons. I especially liked the part when Louis was in Eden Valley.
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