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 KERNOWLAND is a magical Kingdom in ERTHWURLD created by author and school visitor Jack Trelawny and published by Campion Books

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Kernowland 1 The Crystal Pool
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Kernowland Darkness Day
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Kernowland Invasion of Evil
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Pigleg's Revenge
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Kernowland Slavechildren
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Kernowland Colosseum of Dread
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The Crystal Pool
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Cornwall Map

A modern classic!
Jack Trelawny presented his book to my sons school. The story and interactive introduction inspired both my children to request signed copies. My eldest told me exactly where to go and at what time! Considering he has problems with his memory, this is no mean feat! I might also add that he is a reluctant reader and very few books capture his attention. 

  My 7 year old ASD child who cant read was also taken by the book and even though he usually throws books away in frustration, he really treasures this one. 
  I have read this book with my children and its brilliant. Not just the story which is an adventure set in Cornwall but the text, the layout of the book, the colour of the pages and the length of each chapter. These points may not seem important to some but those parents who have reluctant readers or those with dyslexia, irlen syndrome, ASD etc will appreciate how important these are. 
  If you want to buy a child a gift then make it this one!
   Note the author: Thank you!
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Great Books!
My son won this book in a raffle and was absorbed from the first chapter! He then progressed to haranguing the local bookshop for the second and third books!
  They can be somewhat bloodthirsty, but this does not seem to bother children (in the tradition of Grimm etc!), and there are many good touches that make them think - the slave boat going to "Acirfa" for instance. When he worked out this was Africa, he then started looking for all the other anagrams!
  As we live in Cornwall, he has had fun spotting the place names of places we go and have been to.
Great book for reluctant readers too -  I have recommended to several friends children, who weren't that keen to read, and they have all been engrossed too!
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Kernowland News

06 April 2007



Why Should Children Read?

by Jack Trelawny

In the Spring 2007 edition of The Author, (the Journal of The Society of Authors), an article entitled 'Books Win', cites Dr Tanya Byron on the importance of books and reading for children. The following figures and findings are taken from that article.

Word frequency: speech = 400, children's books = 625

Research has shown that, when we speak, we are likely to use a small set of frequently-ocurring words. The average 'word frequency' in speech is about 400. However, in children's books, average word frequency increases to over 625, 'with such books having over 50% more rare words in them than adult prime time television'.

Other findings of the research included:

  • reading increases vocabulary
  • reading decreases the likelihood that misinformation will be absorbed
  • reading keeps memory and reasoning abilities intact as we age

Reading Vs TV

Dr Byron cites research into levels of acquired knowledge, which has found that, 'when tested, subjects who watched TV were more likely to get a general knowledge question wrong than those who read'. This was found to be independent of general intellectual ability.

Reading and behaviour

Reading builds vocabulary, increases general knowledge, and helps the expression of ideas - an important skill in facilitating social relationships.

Words and having the confidence to use them are 'closely related to behavioural self-management'.

Dr Bryon states that her clinical experience of child and adolescent mental health demonstrates that an inability to effectively express feelings leads to destructive behaviour. This lack of verbal expression results in self-harm or doing harm to others.

Reading environments

Many children with behavioural problems grow up in home environments where TV sets dominate, in the front room, the kitchen, the bedrooms.

'These children don't read or get read to - they barely get spoken to'.

This has huge implications for the child's ability to communicate but even more fundamentally for how he or she grows up feeling about him- or herself.

Reading and self-esteem

There is a lot of research that links self-esteem to reading achievement:

  • reading well increases self-esteem
  • reading badly decreases self-esteem

And it's an upward or downward spiral because increases in self-esteem have been found to be followed by increases in reading comprehension achievement and vice versa.

Almost 50% of pre-school children:

  • have inadequate and underdeveloped communication skills
  • have limited vocabularies
  • have accompanying behavioural problems


'Environments that allow learning in a positive and reflective manner are essential to the development of a positive sense of self - and fundamentally crucial to those environments are books and their contents.'

Reading facilitates 'the communication of ideas, creatively bringing sometimes complex ideas alive to stimulate the mind and encourage and tempt us into a further and exciting process of enquiry'.

'Most fundamentally, an ability to read develops a positive self-esteem'.




Dr TANYA BYRON was the resident expert psychologist on parenting shows Little Angels and House of Tiny Tearaways. She has written two books on parenting and writes a weekly column in The Times.

'ANYONE who has seen the clinical consultant psychologist Dr Tanya Byron in action will not need reminding of her Mary Poppins-like ability to cope with even the most difficult child. No matter how recalcitrant, disobedient and downright rude they may be, children under Tanya’s direction are transformed into the eponymous Little Angels of her BBC series.' The Times

Some Dr Tanya Byron links:


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Kernowland 3 Invasion of Evil

17th September 2007


Reviewed by boy, age 10
This is the first book I read by myself, I loved it and kept wanting to read more. I liked the descriptions of the scenery & the creatures, especially the crabs, I could picture them all in my head. I liked the maps too. The ending was good, I want the other Kernowland books for my birthday.

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Reviewed by girl, age 8
I thought it was a fantastic book and I loved it. I like the fact it has a map and that it is based on real life. My favourite character was Louis because he had lots of different weapons. I especially liked the part when Louis was in Eden Valley.
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